Monday, 2 August 2010

Bicycle Village Fete at Harbourside

Our first Bicycle Village Fete was fantastically good fun, busy from the moment we opened.
Non-stop fun it was for everyone.

The Wheel of Fortune
(and yes that is a GT frame, a broken one)
Pedal a Toastie
12 volt toasted sandwich maker, and a lot of pedaling
Bicycle Tyre Hoopla
this one is a winner
Pedal Powered Spin Painting
Biggles explains the finer points!
Pedal Powered Scalextric
this was truly like being at Le Mans 24hrs!
and the cycle bunting is truly wonderful and we are still coming across ones we haven't noticed before.
thank you Bristol REACH, Barbara Disney and especially the lovely bunting makers.

for the Wind-up fun !


  1. fantastic stuff, the spin painting bike was a genius idea, i want to make one for my little cousins up north, any chance of some pointers!

  2. Hello S, It's Biggles who made the spin painting bike. This is quite a sofisticated one. Shouldn't bee too difficult to make something similar, a few sprockets, some chain, an old moulinex mixer....