Monday, 9 August 2010

Bike Ride to the Moon 2010

Bike Ride to the Moon first test flights at Shambala Festival
26th-30th August

All test flights went well.
All creatures and passengers had a wondeful journey.

Health and Safety Guidelines

Research and Development

Early Prototype in action

All is proceeding well, preliminary flights are progressing extremely well. The fungus is spreading but is not a cause for concern.

Much is happening at our secret research location. Interstellar bicycle travel is a definite possibility, although Hintsches still keeps receiving unexpected electric shocks and alien fungus like life-forms keep appearing.
All will be revealed sometime in late August somewhere in a field in England.

This morning these sacred artifacts appeared. We believe they are gifts from extra terrestrial life forms to help us with navigation through worm holes.

Sources of Inspiration


Westchester County Fair

Dartford 1912

Inside the Bike Ride to the Moon
16th-26th September
on the Bristol City Centre

We had Clowns ...

Video Clip (click on image below)

happy Ladies ...

and Gentlemen flying with us to the Moon!
Video Clip (click on image below)

This is really cool, it's like going on a bike ride, I luv it Eliza & Maia
We loved watching this, great work guys. Cycle on Bristol ! Toby, Vicky & Ellen
I'm gonna send me to outta space ! Nice one !
Biketastic ! xxx Steve, Karen & Ana

The Bike Ride to the Moon was made possible with support from the Arts Council England, Bristol City Council Neighbourhood Arts and Cycling City

Bike Ride to the Moon undercover on Bristol City Centre
a homage to the true pioneers of space travel
(thank you Dan)


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