Saturday, 6 August 2011

Bike Morphing - Larkmead School - Creative Partnership Project

A Creative Partnership project with Larkmead School, Abingdon 
over a period of 2 terms exploring creativity in the classroom context in
Geography, French, English, Drama, and Dance

can we fully engage students
of all abilities and
backgrounds in learning and
thinking through doing?

"Everyone looks forward to lessons including teachers. Everyone is smiling. Even teachers
enjoy lessons"

......below are some examples of the work produced

"We were really surprised and excited when we came into English and saw a bike music
making machine
it's a bike .... that's just weird"

Performance poetry, dance and sculpture bicycle
 A Haiku Wheel
The Island Stories Bicycle

The point of the story wheels was to get the
pupils to outline a small story in as many pieces
of paper as they could fit onto a bike wheel.
They did this in a way which was both creative
and required people to use their initiative.
" Frankenstein out of bike parts. Back to life".
Electricity from Pedal Power
Young people thought about the ways a
bike part could be used for making something else work, to create something else with gears
to power something.
Spiral text Wheel


"We learnt about France in a funnier and more interesting way"
Fernand Leger inspired Art
More Fernand Leger inspired Art and  Tableaux Vivant
" I am seeing the class doing something I don't normally
see and I like this. doing this kind of activity. Seeing a different side to them.
I now want to use more art and drama in my French lessons"


"Our Lessons are more creative. It sticks in your head. We had to try and make a map of China
from Bike Parts. It was fun. Remember it. Look forward to lessons. 
I really liked making the map of China out of
bike parts"

Bits of Broken Bicycles
Map of China

The practitioners have shared with the school a love of learning and their creative practices
proving to young people that creativity goes beyond school and that resourcefulness/creativity
can make you enjoy life and learning.
The practitioners have been able to introduce a new set of languages into traditional subjects.

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