Friday, 19 June 2009

The Quadragon's Maiden Voyage

10 bicycle frames and a Hintsch later the Quadragon is launched. It's a beast of a bicycle. Twice round the Island it went, without trailer and then with and I had the honor to be towed around on the bedframe. Everything works just right. We're excited and proud to give birth to such a beautiful creature. Now! The next step is to give it a skin and a body and breathe some life into it.

Photos here as 'the Dragon Frobisher' with  Bikebeard and The Sea of Love at St.Pauls Carnival 2009


Frobisher at Frobisher at Weymouth Carnival

Haaarghtcliffe Spooky Illuminations

 photos here at St.Pauks carnival 2011 Finally a rippin riddem section of a Scrap Band at St.Pauls Carnival 

and Chris Hutts funeral

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