Saturday, 10 November 2012

Of what passed between Burn the Curtain and Spoke'n'Chain, with other surprising incidents

We have really enjoyed working with Burn the Curtain, theatre company from Devon, this year.
We had fun from the very beginning, when we were invited to join their devising weekend at Beaford Arts, where we ran a bicycle costuming workshop and inspired them about costuming bicycles and explored the array of different types of bikes they might be able to use.
We stayed the whole weekend and joined in with the other devising workshops and went on a bike ride along the proposed route for the performance.

Joe, Alex and Ruth came to our workshop and had a go on all of ours and Ape Projects crazy bikes that are there and went back home with some bikes to use in their show, Don Quixotes Adventures by Bicycle
We then did a bit of work together, going to events and schools around Devon, running bicycle costuming workshops and promoting the show. While we were down in Exeter we gave a little one to one tall bike riding tuition to Lizzy. Here she is riding the pink flamingo tall bike during the show in Exeter. 
We were having so much fun with our new friends that we volunteered to help with the Fremington shows.
We joined the Coyote gang and even got a bit of acting in!

When the 'Dutches' broke her leg on our day of we were required to improvise, provide emergency transport facilities and impromptu wizard assistance and chauffeuring so that the show could go on.
The whole theatrical experience has given us great inspiration and we are planning our own little show and quixotic cycling adventure.

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